The Potter’s House of High Point

Resurrection Sunday!

This Sunday, join us for a special service and celebrate our Risen King! If you are not a believer and you have found yourself at our site, we want to personally invite you to give Jesus a chance with your life. Before salvation, many of us tried numerous things and attempted to find answers all over the place. The reality of the Resurrection is that this is where the power for change has really come from. We didn’t get delivered from our addictions and broken hearts because we said a few nice words in a church service one day.

Our prayers have power because we have a risen Savior.

Muhammad is still in the grave.

Buddha is still in the grave.

Jesus however, is alive!

Come experience Him with us, this Sunday at 11:30am! We look forward to meeting you!!

New Location!!!

We have moved to 1125 Eastchester Drive Suite 101

Join us for service at 11am & 6pm on Sundays and 7:30 pm on Wednesdays! We have English classes on Sunday nights at 5pm at this location as well.

January 2019 Prescott Bible Conference

We were so refreshed and empowered by this last conference! We attended with thousands of people from all over the world. This picture represents most of us from the Norfolk, Va church that traveled across the country. There are 4 pioneering pastors in this picture, along with our pastor Carlos Morales and his wife.

This was the last conference in the tent, 59th and counting! Prescott is building a conference center that will hold both of the bi-yearly conferences from now on. We will miss the tent but not the plastic chairs and bleachers. From this Jan 2019 conference there were 4 brand new missionary works planted, 1 indigenous church names, and many domestic churches were launched. Over the years, under this tent, hundreds of churches have been announced and nations changed forever.

We look forward to March 2019 when we will come together in Jacksonville, NC for our Southeast Bible Conference. Who will go into the harvest field? Join us for an incredible time as the family of God!


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