Links and Resources

Below are some resources and useful websites that are related to our fellowship. From a map of some of our churches to various church websites, we hope that you are blessed by the information that you find here. Whether you are traveling to another city and are looking for a place to worship, or you have family that live miles away and are in need of a Gospel preaching church, these resources are sure to come in handy!


Fellowship Church Map

CFM Map of Churches

The map above is constantly being updated and added to. Each church is responsible for getting their information to the administrators of the above site to be added and updated. 



Leadership Church

ResourcesPrescott Potter’s House

The above website is our leadership church. Our vision, our mission, and our purpose is all funneled from their leadership and guidance.


The goals of Into-Africa are simple: empower Africans to create a healthy, sustainable
environment in which children can grow, learn and attain a healthy, prosperous and free future.

We sponsor the installation of water wells and the construction of multi-purpose buildings that serve as medical facilities, schools, and churches in towns and villages in various nations of Africa. We also award scholarships for mission-minded students, both foreign and domestic, who demonstrate a commitment to our vision. 

Dr. Alvin Smith, Founder and CEO of Into Africa, Inc.


The Potter’s House CFC Norfolk, VA

The Door CFC Jacksonville, NC

The Potter’s House Woodbridge, VA (Near DC)

Prescott One80

The Door CFC Chandler, AZ

The Door CFC of Tuscon, Arizona

The Door CFC Tempe, AZ

The Door CFC Netherlands

The Potter’s House Melville, South Africa

The Door CFC Peru

Rwanda CFC